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Become a member

Anyone who loves an active vacation can become a
member of the club. You will find everything you need for
relaxation or active sports.
Therefore, the easiest thing is just to come to our club. We
are glad to meet our like-minded people here.
Surfing here has already become part of our culture and
you will certainly penetrate it, learn to catch a wave and
discover a new world!
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Membership Benefits

Thank you for joining our big family! Club members have
access to inspiration, community and exclusive products.
Join and get access to all the benefits of ours – free, quick
and easy.
Do you want to surf at one of the most famous surf points
in the world? We created the best conditions for your rest!
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How to apply

To become a member of our club, just make an application
and send it to the indicated address. We will contact you,
agree on all the details and arrange your participation in
the club.
P: +1234 751 3285 or


Zapraszamy do kontaktu. Chętnie odpowiemy na Twoje pytania.